Numbers Fest 2017 Returns to Athens, Ohio

Numbers Fest 2017 Returns to Athens, Ohio

Festival season is without a doubt the best time of year. There’s no denying the excitement of choosing and planning, then of course attending and raving. But, beyond the excitement, it can understandably be a little overwhelming.

You had so much fun at a previous festival maybe last year and are determined to go back for more this year, but then again you also want to try to experience something new. That won’t be too hard since there are a multitude to choose from. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like festivals arise out of no where? Just appear out of thin air? When you happen to be scrolling through your choice of social media and BAM! You see another advertisement for another festival you’ve not only never heard of, but you’ve never attended. Then, of course you look into it, getting so worked up in a good way over the lineup and then want to go TO ANOTHER FESTIVAL. That’s exactly what just happened to me. (Again.)

I stumbled upon Numbers Fest, which I haven’t previously heard of before. After seeing the line up, I was sold! Although I (obviously) adore EDM, this line up offers other genres, too such as rap, R&B, hip hop and sub genres of all of the above. My favorite DJ’s who will be performing consist of Jauz, Herobust and Cheat Codes. This festival would allow me to see Jauz for the first time, which is something I am absolutely looking forward to. I’ve previously seen Herobust and Cheat Codes on a few occasions and am convinced I’d be just as blown away as I always am!

Aside from solely EDM sets, two of my other favorite artists Blackbear and ModSun are scheduled to perform. I’ve seen both of them live (sometimes even together) many, many times and I urge anyone interested in this festival who may not know these two artists to check them out!

Numbers Fest is a two day festival from Friday, April 21st to Saturday, April 22nd located in Athens, Ohio. Assuming others are just as cost conscientious for festivals as I am, you will be happy to know tickets are extremely reasonably priced. The $65.00 2 day GA passes are unfortunately already sold out, but luckily there are still $70.00 (plus tax) 2 day GA passes still available. There are plenty more VIP and upgraded passes available as well!

To me, Numbers Fest seems like the perfect time and cost effective festival with a variety of music options to enjoy!


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