The Positives Outweigh the Negatives of EDM

The Positives Outweigh the Negatives of EDM

Life is all about perspective. Everyone has a different opinion either positive or negative especially when it comes to music.

My perspective of EDM use to be tragically negative. I had nothing but bad things to say about it because I had a closed mind and was not open to gaining knowledge about the rapidly growing genre. I only saw the negatives of EDM which to me was the fact that it promotes stupid decisions to be made like excessive alcohol and drug use.

I also found it lacking creativity because of all the samples, remixes, and the constant unoriginality of lyrics being engulfed with in a bass dropping beat created by a computer. Now that my perspective has changed, that is actually one of the more beautiful elements of EDM and I recognize its creativity.

I see so many positives now that my perspective has changed, one of them being how great of an exercising enhancer it is. The sounds and heart throbbing songs can increase anyone’s heart rate and keep them motivated to run an extra mile or lift another set. It is like EDM  creates an adrenaline rush on top of another adrenaline rush and heightens focus during exercising. It is one of the best genres to listen to for an above-and-beyond type of work out. Not to mention the calories people burn while dancing all night long at an EDM event is an exhausting yet physically beneficial activity.

Another plus about EDM is the type of positive vibes it creates. In a world that is trying to steer away from hate and negativity, EDM promotes positivity through its music and fans. Every show, rave, or festival is in an atmosphere of positivity and good vibes as the music sets the tone with the energy from the DJs and ravers creating an enthusiastic ambiance.

EDM can also make any boring activity seem fun, or even epic. If I was in a finger painting class and classical music was being played to “set the mood” I would start falling asleep. If EDM got turned on I guarantee it would turn into the most epic finger painting activity ever. Road trips, cooking, free throw shooting (I know that from experience), and even reading can be more lively and eventful thanks to EDM. Some people are eased by EDM and utilize it as a sleeping tool.

I think the most positive thing about EDM is its ability to bring people together. I do not think there is another type of music that has a constant mix of genders, races, ages, and music lovers uniting together to enjoy EDM on a consistent basis. Everyone is equal and majority seem to be looking out for one another even if they are strangers. It is one big dance party that just for a moment seems to make all the dancers and performers forget about their problems and the issues of the world.

All it takes is an open mind to recognize the beauty behind the madness that is EDM.

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