The Top 5 Festival Trends Of 2017

The Top 5 Festival Trends Of 2017

With most of festival season now under our belts, it’s time for us to step back and reminisce on the highlights, low lights, and everything in between. While each festival has its own unique style and themes, there are certain themes that seem to cross over among many if not all of the festivals. Check out some of Mix’s top 5 festival trends we have seen for this year’s festivals below!

  1. XO Tour Llif3

This song, which essentially went viral out of thin air, was one of our favorite festival anthems this summer. While we’ve been used to hearing Lil Uzi Vert featured in other artists’ songs, this time we finally got to hear him kill it on a track of his own. This song was dropped by so many DJ’s it’s not even funny, and we don’t blame them. There’s something about whining “I don’t really care if you cryyyyy” that gets the crowd going. To hear more of our favorite tracks of the summer, check out our full list:

crowd surfing

  1. Rain

Though technically not a trend by anyone’s choice, this was something we saw a lot of this summer. From Electric Forest becoming an electric swamp, to Lollapalooza having to close early one day due to thunderstorms, to Moonrise earning the nickname “Mudrise”, this summer’s festivals saw their fair share of storms. Though this might’ve put a damper on some festivals, many ravers found a way to find the magic amidst the mud. What’s more transcendental than hearing Kaskade play “Raining” live while actual rain starts to fall?

festival rain

  1. That One Rose Embroidery Thing

Though this one is more on the subtle side, it’s a fashion trend we’re seeing everywhere. No one really seems to be sure where it came from, but we’ve seen it on everything from shoes to bodysuits, everywhere from Tomorrowland to Coachella. There are even social media accounts dedicated to this completely random fashion obsession. But is it here to stay? We’ll have to wait til next year to find out.

festival fashion

  1. Migos

Regardless of whether or not you actually saw the Migos during this year’s festival season, it’s almost a guarantee that you probably heard them quite frequently. From RL Grime to R3HAB, lots of popular electronic artists have remixed their tracks. But what’s even more notable than that is that it seemed like almost every set we attended included at least one Migos song, whether it was “Slippery”, “T-Shirt”, or the infamous “Bad and Boujee”. They’re much more than a one hit wonder, and it seems like every time we leave a rave one of their tracks is in our heads for days!


  1. Pickle Rick

The obsession with Ricky and Morty in EDM culture was taken to a whole new level this summer upon the release of a few critical episodes. One of these, as you probably know by now, involves a certain alcohol-consuming grandpa turning himself into a pickle. These few iconic minutes of television time transformed totems in festivals for the remainder of the summer. We saw everything from regular Pickle Rick, to Pickle Rick on drugs, to Pickle Rick-meets-Snapchat Dancing Hot Dog. If you didn’t see one – or thirty – of these totems at a recent festival, you probably weren’t really looking.

rick and morty

While this list certainly does not encompass all of the creative themes we saw in this year’s festival season, we tried to cover some of the fashion, totems, and more we saw trending throughout the different festival landscapes. Don’t forget, there are many incredible festivals still to come, such as Lost Lands, Austin City Limits, and more. Keep your eyes peeled for some of these trends and let us know what you think! We bet you’ll see at least one pickle floating around there somewhere.

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