These Gifts Are A MUST-HAVE For The Holidays

These Gifts Are A MUST-HAVE For The Holidays

The iconic duo, Daft Punk, have released their 2017 line of Christmas gifts that are absolutely needed to make the holidays special!

Daft Punk has always been known to have stellar partnerships with fellow artists and designers to create unbelievable crafts to shine a light on the Christmas season. This year, they are providing a snow globe, varsity jackets, and more to catch their fans’ attention!

Check out this year’s collection below!

The Daft Punk Snow Globe $50

This largely sized snow globe is everything you’ve ever wanted if you’re a hardcore Daft Punk fan! The globe features a hand carved and hand painted ice-cave scene, with extra white snow and iridescent glitter. It also has an LED light feature, which lights up the translucent ice cave from within these globes. This gift is super high quality and it’s a must-have if you love Daft Punk and snow! 

Discovery Era Glass Xmas Ornament Set $45

If you’re looking to spice up your Christmas tree, these little babies will do the trick! These Glass Xmas Ornaments are inspired by the Daft Punk Discovery era robot helmets that are glass blown from hand-sculpted forms and are electroplated in gold and silver lacquer. The set comes with a black gloss custom Daft Punk gift box. Don’t worry, we got the measurements before you ask! Each ornament is approximately 75mm (3″) tall and 75mm (3″) wide and 100mm (4″) deep. Your tree will look so good even the Grinch wouldn’t dare steal these, and the Grinch likes to steal everything!

D.A.F.T. 1000 Piece Puzzle $45

This gift is a perfect item for the smarty-pants! This puzzle of the Daft Punk D.A.F.T. video anthology cover artwork is made by the timeless and iconic German puzzle manufacturer, Ravensberger. Crafted in Germany, it provides extra-thick cardboard combined with fine, linen-structured paper to create a glare-free puzzle image for a quality you can see and feel. It also has handcrafted steel cutting tools to ensure that no two pieces which are alike and a perfect interlocking fit. This is perfect for some family-friendly fun!

Daft Punk “Delta Pi” Varsity Jacket $780This jacket is high on price at it is in my heart! The Daft Punk Delta Pi Varsity jacket is crafted in the United States by Centralia Knitting Mills, who set the standard for Varsity jackets in 1939 with their “Skookum” brand.  Skookum is a Native American term meaning the “best” or the “ultimate”.  The jacket bodies are made of the finest quality, 100% Virgin Wool, 24 ounce Melton, the sleeves are made from full grain leather. Every jacket is fully lined with the finest quality nylon lining material, leather edged slash pockets and matching color snap fasteners. The knit trims are of heavyweight 100% Virgin Wool, worsted, for long wear and elasticity.  The jacket features Chenille patches on the arms and chest and an impressive Chenille shield patch on the back. If someone wants to buy me this jacket, bless your heart.

The Daft Punk Hard Enamel Pins $18

If you want to wear this pin, welcome to the fam! Daft Punk is offering six new hard enamel pin designs, each limited to an edition of 1000, which are numbered on the back of each pin. The pins feature Silver Nickel or Gold plated brass armatures and filled with brightly colored hard enamel that is heated to a high temperature and then polished, creating a bright, smooth, hard finish.  All of the pins are 2mm thick with a black rubber pin clutch.  These pins are super high quality so you can show the world your flare!
Besides these products listed above, there are many other products that will blow your mind! Shop at their store here or visit Maxfield in Los Angeles!
Happy Holidays! You’re doin’ it right!

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