Third Annual Daphne Series at Smart Bar: An Ode to Girl Power

Third Annual Daphne Series at Smart Bar: An Ode to Girl Power

Smart Bar, located in Chicago, is in the middle of their Daphne Music Series, a month long event honoring female and female identifying DJs and performers. The programming is a nod to female artists because although they have gained ground and representation in the music world, the gender disparity is still quite prominent—especially within the EDM community. What better time to celebrate than during Women’s History Month?

Kicking off St. Paddy’s celebrations in the Windy City, Friday’s (3/10/17) line-up included Russian DJ, producer and singer Nina Kraviz. While Nina couldn’t quite make it due to an airline strike in Europe (she was there in spirit), the night was still full of great dance energy and recognizable Nina tracks mixed in the DJ sets (Ghetto Kraviz & Pain in the Ass). The crew was quick to announce Jarvi and Eris Drew who would be carrying on the night’s musical ambiance.

The chilly, crisp Chicago winter night invited people from all parts of the city young and old, gay and straight, black, white, yellow, purple—well you get the point. That’s the beauty and wonderful thing about music, its universality. It brings together people in one location and the common denominator is that they’re there for the music. Look around next time you’re at a show or festival, and notice how diverse the audience is in age, gender, sexuality and so on. It’s a beautiful thing when you pause, and appreciate the value of these sounds and vibrations.

Fear not Chicagoans, Smart Bar is working to reschedule Nina’s DJ set, so stay on the lookout! And if you’ve never stepped foot in Smart Bar keep up with their Twitter account as they’re always something happening there. Who knows, you may end up standing feet from one of their resident and renowned DJs like let’s say Michael Serafini, and of course, realize it after the fact.

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