Three Winter Albums Necessary for Blizzard Day

Three Winter Albums Necessary for Blizzard Day

In lieu of storm Stella wreaking havoc in the Northeast of our country today and tomorrow, here are three fantastic winter albums to get you through. But, let’s just hope that this is close to our last one. Then we can get onto the bigger and better things of outdoor concerts and festivals!

Disclaimer: These albums are great any time of year. Yet, they just help to get you into the mood of experiencing snow storms, blizzards or just cold weather.

ODESZA- Summer’s Gone (2012)

Apart from the perfect album title to fit into this category, these songs are great tunes for a cold, snowy day. ODESZA has been amazing fans since the very beginning of this electronic duo’s career mixing a unique style in electronic music. This music combines hypnotizing beats with strong bass rhythm creating an overwhelming and enticing sound.  In my opinion, this of other winter albums is the perfect combination of chill and dance; meaning that it would be great at a party or just hanging inside. Also, just imagine the trance of driving through snowy mountain roads to this engaging album. Enjoy this whole album here!


Pretty Lights- Making Up a Changing Mind (2010)

Pretty Lights, among the elite of electronic pioneers, has created a very individual sound throughout his vast collection of albums. His music has the ability to bring listeners to a new place while lost in the beats. Therefore this particular EP obviously has this amazing quality as well. I believe that this album has a bit of a harsher feel than the sounds of his other music which makes it perfect for winter. These tunes encompass the feeling of just chilling out with friends inside while the weather is too cold to enter. Pretty Lights never disappoints by combining intense beats and bass with playful or haunting samples. The songs even contain a trance-like feeling alongside funky dance rhythm which is always a go to during inclement weather.  Listen to this  winter EP here!

pretty lights

Emancipator- Soon It Will Be Cold Enough (2006)

This music is truly one of the most beautiful of the winter albums.  Of course this album title is very fitting for this category as well.  This music creates a powerful feeling through the almost haunting sounds, trip hop beats and intense instrumentals which in turn becomes euphoric. This break out album for Emancipator really stands out as an epic and unique electronic sound. I can imagine sitting next to a fire listening to these memorizing rhythms, or driving through winter roads as mentioned for ODESZA’s album as well. This album magnificently combines electronic beats with acoustic instruments creating an wonderfully alluring tone. Listen to this marvelous album here!



These albums are only the beginning to the many fantastic winter albums that exist. Comment your favorite winter electronic album!

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