[LISTEN] Throttle-Hit The Road Jack on Spinnin Records

[LISTEN] Throttle-Hit The Road Jack on Spinnin Records

Australian DJ and Producer Throttle has been making waves in the EDM industry! Lately, his unique style of Big Room, Future House and Nu Disco been circulating! In just under five years, this rising Australian star has released countless hits on some of the biggest EDM record labels. Also, has had an astounding amount of successful DJ gigs at such a young age. Throttle looks to continue this trend with his latest release. Entitled “Hit The Road Jack” , this track is certainly one of Spinnin Records more unique releases. He incorporates old school disco vibe with a fresh and modern twist.

[Listen] Throttle Hit The Road Jack

Everything about Throttle’s latest track oozes with fun. Starting with its slick production qualities, perfect groove, well crafted percussion, masterfully woven in vocal samples and an intense breakdown that will keep the dance floor on the edge of its seat, ‘Hit The Road Jack’ is by far one a track that every DJ will want to have in their arsenal of music. As well, it is a track that every dance music fan will want to have on repeat in their music collection. Throttle has struck a perfect balance between the old guard disco style and the modern EDM sound.

It is always a good thing to see todays artists looking to the past for inspiration. Of course, Throttle has done a fantastic job at incorporating both old and new into his latest hit. By doing this, he has remained the music world that Disco is still alive in some form. Even better, he is indirectly helping introduce the genre to a whole new generation of listeners. However, don’t let the heavy disco vibes scare you away. This is still a quality EDM track at the end of the day. Remember, make sure to grab a legal copy “Hit The Road Jack” from your favorite music portal via Spinnin Records.

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