Tiësto’s Still Got it With New Single “On My Way”

Tiësto’s Still Got it With New Single “On My Way”

DJ Tiësto released a new track named “On My Way” on January 13th and I can’t keep the catchy beat out of my head. It has already garnered over a million plays on Spotify before the weekend even ended. Admittedly, I contributed a good number to that as I’ve been listening to it on repeat.

The song features Bright Sparks, an up and coming Male/Female singer/songwriter duo. Bright Sparks just released their first single in December. They have been writing music for other artists for years and other artists have featured them in singles as well. Something tells me that this big release will expand their fan base and get them recognition as a standalone duo.

Tiësto On My Way

With On My Way, Tiësto taps into the recently popular trend of featuring guitar in an EDM track. As a guitar player myself, the tone he achieves with the guitar in the opening riff makes me jealous. The guitar track brings a sort of mellow tone to the song. Things pick up when hook hits after the first chorus, giving us the driving dance music we love from Tiësto.

The lyrics match the mix of mellow and upbeat of the melody. Bright Sparks singers Ash Hicklin and Kimmy Sawford sing to us about how when the world has us down, they’ll be here for us. They assure us that when we need them they’ll be on their way. The sentiment matches the sentiment of what music means to us: when things are not going our way we turn to music for comfort.

What it comes down to is the beat of Tiësto’s new track is great to dance to and you can bet I’m “On My Way” to the club to groove to it.


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