[Watch] Tiesto vs. Diplo – C’mon (Single)

[Watch] Tiesto vs. Diplo – C’mon (Single)

Two of the most well-known powerhouse DJs in EDM, Tiesto and Diplo, have a new track out called “C’mon.” Any collaboration from either of these artists usually catches my eye, so when I saw both on one track I was excited, and “C’mon” does not disappoint. “C’mon” is so fast and ruthless with the beat and drop, I think it will definitely be a banger on many, many mixes this summer.

“C’mon” starts with a straight-up raunchy beat, and this crunchy bass that really pulls you in. The build is solid, featuring a steam effect that really sets the tone for the harder notes. The build itself is misleading (not in a bad way), in that it makes one think that there’s going to be an intense peaking point, but then the drop is right there with a booming “C’mon.” The speed picks up all over again, everything just goes nuts in terms of beat and effects, and you just keep wanting more.

Speed is the most notable feature in “C’mon” in a number of ways. The track is always moving in some capacity, and yes I know it sounds redundant to say a track is moving, but there’s this chemistry between the beats (and the DJs) that doesn’t give room for thought. That is exactly what I want from an EDM track. Anytime Tiesto does more hardstyle stuff, like his previous collaborations with Showtek, the result is always memorable.

When the track isn’t at full speed, there are definitely electro-funk elements at play as well. There’s a percussion effect that sounds like hollow tubes hitting the ground with force that really sticks out near the end of “C’mon,” and really adds to that crunchy, crunchy bass. If you want a banger that doesn’t hold back and doesn’t disappoint, check out “C’mon” by Tiesto and Diplo.

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