Tis the Season of EDC

Tis the Season of EDC

If I had a dollar for every time someone talked to me about the anticipation and excitement of EDC, I would be able to afford my own ticket.

We are within a week of the Electronic Daisy Carnival, the biggest party and greatest celebration of EDM. The three day dancing holiday is on the verge of seeing its biggest attendance and its craziest lineup featuring Afrojack, Marshmello, Zedd, Diplo, RL Grime, and many plenty of other DJs. On the bottom of the EDM lineup flyer it says, “And the most important headliner of all YOU.”

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As a current resident of Southern California, I come across it seems like at least one person a day that brings up how excited they are for EDC. They also mention how stressful it is to figure out what outfit to wear and how broke they are from the many different expanses, but they all smile and say it is worth it.

“I have been looking forward to EDC since last year,” says Carlos Govella, who is returning to EDC for his second year in a row. “I am so stocked for it. I am upset because I have to work a few days before I drive down to Vegas and I wanted to celebrate the whole week. But it is going to be so fun with my group.”

The beautiful thing about EDC is how it brings friends, dance, and music lovers together. There is a warm satisfaction of the soul and a high feeling that is beyond any other festival. I still have not attended EDC and unfortunately will be missing out this year, but every one describes it as a surreal experience that is life changing.

“I have never really been to a festival so it is crazy to think that my first one will be EDC,” says Cheyenne Cookson. “My friends convinced me to go and I never been this excited for something. I know I am going to be exhausted but it is going to be something I will never forget.”

Everyone who will be attending EDC have a safe and fun time and enjoy every second of the glorious celebration that is EDM. If it’s your first time or 5th take a look at some of the mistakes you don’t want to make to insure you have the time of your life.

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