Tomorrowland 2017 Expands Two Weekends

Tomorrowland 2017 Expands Two Weekends

The worlds greatest music festival just got even better.  It’s official, Boom & Rumst’s local government just received permission to extent the event to two weekends. The people of Tomorrowland will have an extra weekend to explore, discover more artists, making new friends and enjoying the festival even longer. In 2014, for the 10th anniversary edition the festival was granted the same authorization.

Weekend 1 of Tomorrowland 2017 will take place in Belgium from July 21 – July 23, followed by Weekend 2 from July 28 – July 30.

Gazet van Antwerpen first reported the news, with Tomorrowland representatives commenting: “The purpose of [hosting the festival in 2 weekends] is to meet the huge demand for tickets from international and local fans. Meanwhile, with the blessing of the municipalities of Boom & Rumst, we can go ahead and start preparing for 2 weekends as of next summer.” Translation by We Rave You.

The news has been confirmed by other dutch publications, so its 100% legit. Attendance will reportedly expand from 180,000 fans to 360,000 in 2017 with the change. Start saving now because next year its going to be twice the Tomorrowland spendings. Stay up to date on all the news, and when tickets go on sale. Tomorrowland

People of Tomorrow, get ready to Unite….

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