Top 10 Festival Must-Haves: What’s in Your Pack?

Top 10 Festival Must-Haves: What’s in Your Pack?

Whether you’re a fresh-faced festival goer or a seasoned fest vet, we can all use a little refresher course on what to pack for any music fest because let’s face it, as much as you prep, there’s always that one little thing you forget or overlook. So check out our festival must-haves to keep you going and, like yours truly, always jamming.

  • Fanny pack: Look ma’ no hands and hello free range of motion! This is a great alternative to any bulky bag, and can be a cute way to spruce up any outfit.
  • Hydration pack: We can’t stress the importance of staying hydrated throughout these days spent dancing under the sun. *CamelBaks are a great addition to your gear because they keep you hands-free and ready to start a dance party at any moment’s notice. We have you covered, if you go to Vibedration and add promo code “Mix247EDM” you will receive 10% off.

*They can be a pretty penny, so if you find yourself balling on a budget empty water bottles will do just fine and you save paying for overpriced H20 or a check out these ideas for hydration packs.

  • Footwear: This one is a no brainer, of course you’ll wear shoes, but many overlook the comfort level. Don’t make the mistake of breaking new shoes in during the fest days or picking shoes to complete your “look,” remember your feet are what will keep you going through the next few days. Find shoes that are both comfortable, add that pizazz to your outfit and you wouldn’t mind them getting ruined. FYI: careful with sandals, they may not be the most reliable when dancing. No one likes to walk home barefoot…so a friend told me.
  • Wipes: These range from hand wipes (or hand sanitizer) and tissues to bleach towelettes. The porta potties see better days after a few hours into the fest, so better to be prepared.
  • Portable charger: Capturing the moment with videos and photos can drain your phone. Portable chargers as low as $10 not only keep you ready to go during your favorite sets, but they can also save you time in case you lose your friends.
  • Sunnies: In this department better to be safe than sorry, and purchase sunglasses you’d be okay losing.
  • Plastic rain poncho: Save some time on this one, and check the weather ahead of time. If it’s a high chance of rain, you might want to pack a few. Temperatures usually drop after a good rain and well into the night, so you don’t want to walk around with wet clothes.
  • Emergen-C: In case you get caught in a rainy fest without a disposable rain poncho, consider taking Emergen-C (or any dietary supplement) to help maintain and build your immune system. A strong body is a dancing body.
  • Chapstick: Dry lips anyone? No thank you!
  • Sunblock: Most festivals allow sun lotion, but leave your aerosol sunscreen at home. Nobody wants to end up a lobster at the end of a festival. Check these out in case you’re shopping around.

Hopefully you find this list helpful, and well lastly one major thing you can’t forget: Your Good Vibes. Let us know if we missed any!

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