TOTWM Music New EP Entitled “EP1”

TOTWM Music New EP Entitled “EP1”

“All of my music is free and will always be free, speaking for TOTWM Music solely.”

TOTWM Music is the solo project of electronic musician Peter Markham. Peter releases TOTWM Music under his label TOTWM Entertainment. Being a dedicated fan of both electronic and hip hop music, his unique sound unites modern EDM/dance with classic East and West Coast hip hop grooves and vocals.

“I have no rule of thumb when it comes to making a track, I could go in set on making an EDM song and it could turn into an even better hip/hop beat. The point is, producing music is like making a puzzle but you piece it together how you want. More or less you’re a conductor of sound, introducing new layers bit by bit, creating something people can enjoy listening to. I am 22 years old, and am currently making all my tracks in the garage of my house. It gets the job done but I am planing to expand my location by 2017. Artists that inspire me range from Deadmau5 to Biggie and Tupac then back to Tïesto or Daft Punk.”

TOTWM Music is mix between classical, techno, deep house, with a touch of hip/hop music. Combing all elements of music and creating is own genre. Now releasing his newest creation called 24 Hours from his EP1. The twelve track EP delivers the full effect of what TOTOWM Music’s mission is all about. This is only the beginning for TOTWM Music.

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