[Listen] Trasko & Marcel – “At Night” [Total Freedom Recordings]

[Listen] Trasko & Marcel – “At Night” [Total Freedom Recordings]

It is always very risky when remaking a classic. Especially a legendary house classic like “At Night”,which proved to be a hit by Swiss duo Shakedown in 2001. There are just so many things that can go wrong when remaking such a timeless classic. Fortunately, Italian duo Trasko & Marcel have taken to great lengths to ensure that their interpretation of Shakedowns “At Night” retains the same feelings as the original, while adding a fresh new coat of paint to their remake. For those who are fearing that the original fun and creativity are lost in this remake, fear not, it is still very prevalent.

The second Trasko & Marcel’s interpretation begins, listeners will notice an obvious change, instead of the disco and house vibes from the original 2001 mix, big room has become the choice of genre. Some may initially be turned off by the idea, but it does work. With its new big room make over, “At Night” actually gains a little more energy, and is able to reach out to todays EDM influenced audience. Bouncy snares, dirty basslines, and classic like house vocals will bring ravers from all corners of the dance music spectrum together. The excitement doesn’t stop there however. Included in the package is yet another remix by Trasko & Vicky, who bring listeners a stripped down version of the track, perfect for those who like raw beats and energy.

There is always a lot that can go wrong when giving an update to a classic. Whether it be a piece cinema or music, there is always that change that the original flavor will be lost and tainted. Fortunately, Trasko & Marcel have avoided this problem quite well, and have managed to keep the originals spirit in tact while giving it their own twist. Make sure to grab a legal copy of “At Night” Out now via Total Freedom Recordings.

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