Review: Trippy Turtle’s Last Leg Tour Marks the End of an Era

Review: Trippy Turtle’s Last Leg Tour Marks the End of an Era

All was silent for a second… and then everyone erupted into cheers as Peder Losnegård stepped into the DJ booth with his signature turtle hoodie. Tonight Peder — or Trippy Turtle, the alias he was performing as tonight — was kicking off his Last Leg Tour to bid farewell to the touring life.

As the familiar sounds of Jersey club began to blast through the speakers, the bodies on the dance floor twerked and bounced in time to the music. This was Trippy Turtle after all, and tonight he was pulling out all the stops.

The reptilian producer kicked off the Last Leg Tour on January 27th at the brand-new Academy Nightclub in Los Angeles. The venue, which replaced Create Nightclub earlier this year, used immersive technology to modernize and upgrade the LA nightclub experience. No less than five huge LED screens stretched from behind the DJ booth, across the ceiling, all the way to the back of the hall. As the night went on, 8-bit turtles and Trippy’s psychedelic logo danced along the ceiling too.

Academy Nightclub

Photo credit: Daniel Boot

Surprisingly, when my friends and I arrived around the 10:30 PM mark, there were already a good amount of people marveling at the sights of the newly-renovated nightclub.

starRO, a Grammy nominee and favorite of the LA collective Soulection, was opening up the night with his distinctive R&B-infused style. Ambient sounds mixed with erratic beats and soulful samples filled the venue during his set. As someone who had attended a few Soulection shows in the past, starRO’s music took me back to those lowkey nights at the Regent.

As his set started to wind down, you could practically feel the excitement build in the crowd as people anticipated Trippy’s performance.

My friends and I had talked about this night for a while. Would he bring up any special guests? Would he play our favorite songs?

And the million-dollar-question (for us at least):

Would there be a Trippy Turtle b2b Lido set?!

While a one-man back-to-back set wasn’t in the cards that night, Trippy Turtle didn’t disappoint on the decks. He started off the night with crowd favorites like “Trippy’s Theme” and “Drunk Texting”, while the rest of the Fofofadi fam brought the energy and dance moves.

Trippy Turtle and friends at the Last Leg Tour

Photo credit: Daniel Boot

Later, he transitioned into the standard nightclub fare — hip-hop and trap — while still maintaining his unique bedsqueak-y sound. We heard everything, from a Trippy remix of Zedd’s “Clarity” to Diplo and old-school R&B jams. Nothing was off-limits for the Last Leg Tour.

Well, almost nothing.

On his Instagram the day of the LA show, Trippy Turtle announced that all of the venues he would be playing at would go straw-free “to reduce our plastic footprint on this tour.” The post mirrored his Facebook tour announcement where he stated that “these polluted oceans have made [him] sick.”



Even though we’re sad to see the powerhouse producer end his touring stint, it’s great to see him use his huge platform to educate his fans about the very real danger that plastic poses to our environment.

And now that the Last Leg Tour has wrapped up, what can we expect from the Fofofadi founder?

Thankfully, this won’t be the last we’ll hear of him. Peder might have said his farewells to the difficulties of touring, but we can look forward to seeing him work with the artists on his label, Fofofadi Records, and put out more music of his own.

But until then, Trippy, thanks for all the party playlists and trippy tunes.


If you weren’t able to catch Trippy Turtle live, don’t worry! Listen to his Last Leg Tour Mix below:

Featured image taken by Daniel Boot