Tritonal Stole The Show

Tritonal Stole The Show

My surprise at the Horizon tour, which I was heading into with a heavy biased for Kill The Noise and Seven Lions who dominate the bill, was the trance kings Tritonal. After a surprisingly mediocre set from KTN, I sat in the back of Hollywood Palladium saving my energy and attention for Seven Lions when Tritonal stormed the stage.

Tritonal is a DJ duo group hailing from Austin, Texas that dominates the Trance scene in spectacular fashion. Holding numerous Beatport number one spots the group has a devout following of fans called “Tritonians” who quickly made their presence known when the artists dropped their first track. Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed have been building the Tritonian Nation since 2008 but really hit their stride in 2013 ranking 76th on MixMags Top 100 Djs. Now part of the nation wide Horizon tour, they are the spectacular opening act for Seven Lions.

From the first second they hit the stage they brought the energy. Jumping on the microphone Chad ran the crowd, literally jumping on the decks; standing tall he screamed, “Who is ready to go crazy!!” The instant shift in energy was undeniable.

Their set beginning to end was a saga spanning their catalog; from covers, throwbacks to new music and even an unreleased remix that had the walls shaking Tritonal never let a moment go to waste. By the third song in there were more people crowd surfing and on shoulders than I could count. The combination of their epic music and surreal video game-esque visuals gave the feeling that you were the hero on an epic journey.

A glaringly stand out moment was when Chad took the mic and took a moment to dedicate a song to tragic current events that have taken place over the past year. He shouted “Let this song be a glimmer of hope in the tough times we have had in 2017, it’s a dedication to all the tragedies from Northern California to Huston to Puerto Rico to Florida to Las Vegas and more. Let us never forget but always remember that we have each other, we have love.” It was a honest moment and the song held more weight as it echoed through out the Palladium.

Expertly, the DJs didn’t miss a step, the entire set they kept raising the energy. Chad, who mainly ran the mic, proudly grabbed a Tritonal flag and ran from side to side of the stage in front of the booth making the crowd ebb and flow wholeheartedly reaching up as the sound of melodic synths stabbed the air. Every ounce of commitment Tritonal gave to the audience was reciprocated 10 fold.

For a duo that I had little previous knowledge about and even less expectation for, I was thoroughly impressed. Their ability to read the crowd and keep it moving with out a hitch, the catalog of epic music combined with surreal visuals and the overall showmanship with endless energy.. I don’t think you need any more reasons to get tickets to the Horizon Tour and see your new favorite DJ group.

Check the tour dates below and get your tickets here.

11.16.17 – SALT LAKE CITY, UT

11.17.17 – KANSAS CITY, MO

11.22.17 – ST. LOUIS, MO

11.24.17 – CALGARY, AB

11.25.17 – MONTREAL, QC

12.01.17 – EL PASO, TX


12.06.17 – BOSTON, MA

12.07.17 – HARTFORD, CT


12.09.17 – WASHINGTON, D.C.

12.15.17 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN

12.16.17 – CHICAGO, IL