TroyBoi Blows Crowd Away With An Unforgettable Trippy Performance

TroyBoi Blows Crowd Away With An Unforgettable Trippy Performance

I’ve been to a lot of shows in my lifetime – and I mean A LOT. Every concert or rave I would attend would consist of the basic cookie cutter DJ lineup. You would get one local DJ throwing in your typical festival mainstream bangers to pump the crowd up, and then next up would be the opening DJ’s or the sub-headliners that are touring with the headliner and they would play their choice of their festival hits, along with their own productions. Finally, you got the headliner, that is probably basic (let’s be real), and everyone’s wild up in the crowd headbanging or doing whatever they do while the bass hits the speakers in the room through that inspiring act.

Last night, however, was NOT a cookie-cutter show. My mind was blown away the second TroyBoi stepped on The Depot stage in Salt Lake City, Utah, and threw down his trippy beats that made people lose their heads. I, for one, can say that TroyBoi’s intimate set was one for the books and that I will never forget every minute of his set that he threw down.

The first opening act was Gent & Jawns, which trapped down the floor with their heavy bass and trap. It was my first time seeing them live and I was honestly amazed by their live set, especially since their music is prime. Most of the time, green lights were flashing around and I can now say I have associated myself with Gent & Jawns with the color, green. It’s pretty weird to say but as a color-coder myself, it works out perfectly fine.

Next in line was a UK-based producer, Daktyl, and he stole the opening show with his deep house groove and vibe. I found myself grooving along to the house beats throughout the venue and it lit up the hour. I can also say that it definitely was a pregame for what was to come next!

Next thing I know, the venue automatically turns pitch black. In next couple of seconds, lights come back on with two gymnasts hanging off each other through a hoop hanging from the ceiling, while TroyBoi’s new hit “B.I.A” plays in the background, with the intro playing in slow motion and on repeat. All of a sudden, TroyBoi steps on the stage and that’s all you can remember. That is how a live TroyBoi set feels. I had chills the entire hour-and-a-half while all of his tracks like “Do You Love Me?”, “Back to the Wall”, and “Her” were performed with the live acts on stage. One of my favorite acts that he did was half-way through his set, he brought out four violinists for his successful live showing of “Tender Love” and it changed my own perspective on live EDM acts. I admire how TroyBoi likes to be creative and different in his live sets than your average mainstream performers. Love seeing live acts spice it up!

If you ever get a chance to see this incredible producer live, PLEASE DO IT! It will change your whole experience with EDM shows. It’s definitely a different vibe, but it’s also a vibe that you must experience within your lifetime.

Check out the memories I created last night down below! Unfortunately, due to TroyBoi‘s request of not having media taken for his live set, I don’t have any pictures of his performance. That means that you have to check him out in a city near you!

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