Turbulence: Bringing PLUR Back to the Music Festival Scene

Turbulence: Bringing PLUR Back to the Music Festival Scene

Lately, it seems like all is not PLUR in the music festival circuit anymore. From the hundreds of phones stolen at Coachella last month to the Fyre Festival logistical disaster that happened soon after, people are starting to worry about their experiences at an event more than ever before. But Turbulence, a new music festival taking place in Anaheim, California, aims to set itself apart from the rest on its debut on May 20th.

Turbulence is the brainchild of Ryan Walker, a 24-year-old Orange County native who hopes to lift the stigma that people place on electronic music festivals.

It’s common knowledge to many that electronic music festivals are associated with drug use — despite the fact that some attendees make the choice to attend these events sober. And after the recent Fyre Festival fiasco, people seem even more wary of music festivals that don’t have a long track record of success behind it.

But Walker has plans to change all of that.

He first got the idea for Turbulence after attending Insomniac’s premier Halloween event, Escape: Psycho Circus, last year.

While waiting in line to enter the festival, Ryan noticed a group of people making fun of a girl in front of them. Their reason? She was a “larger” girl — by our society’s harsh standards — and she was wearing the type of revealing clothes that are usually found at music festivals. She eventually overheard the group’s comments and felt so uncomfortable that she decided to leave the event altogether.

“What was the point of that?” Walker asks. “You’ve taken away an experience for someone… for nothing. That was the trigger point for me.”

Now, he has decided to take matters into his own hands.

“I want to create festivals on a larger scale, where people feel comfortable and accepted,” the founder of Turbulence says. “I want to create a community where you can go here and you can be who you are.”

Diversity and acceptance are the biggest tenets of Turbulence, and this stance is even reflected on their website in the list of things not allowed at the music festival:

“NO Slandering or judging another person because of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, size, health, physical capabilities, mental capabilities or any other attribute out of their control. That’s totally not chill.”

When asked about why he partnered with The Trevor Project for this event, Walker explained, “I’m gay myself, so [The Trevor Project] hit close to home. While I was planning Turbulence, I knew I wanted to do something that goes to preventing bullying.”

The experience of an event is something that the music festival’s founder holds near and dear to his heart; throughout our interview, he talked about his dreams about creating his own brand of themed electronic music festivals with amazing lineups, as well as the importance he placed on securing a venue for Turbulence that allowed him to “transform it into what he wanted”.

This could explain Ryan’s decision to plan out the music festival almost entirely on his own — which is not an easy feat in itself. He encountered many difficulties throughout the five-month long planning process: skepticism from his friends, issues with his first choice of venue, and more.

But despite the odds, everything is now falling into place for Turbulence. “A few weeks ago, everything finally started coming together,” Walker said. “At the beginning, what I saw for this festival was very different from what other people saw… But now, everyone on the outside is slowly starting to see my vision.”

And with amenities like a 21+ full bar, a body art booth, a kandi creation station, and even a ball pit viewing area in front of the stage, it’s really hard not to get excited about an event like this.

“My goal is to create a community of absolute bliss,” Ryan explained about his future plans for his music festival brand. “It doesn’t matter who you are — you can come here and you’re home.”

Check out the event flyer below for the festival lineup and the full list of amenities:

Mix 247 EDM - Turbulence music festival event flyer

Photo courtesy of Ryan Walker

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For more information on Turbulence, visit their website and Facebook page.

Featured image courtesy of Turbulence

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