U.K. Born producer and DJ BMotion Gets Candid

U.K. Born producer and DJ BMotion Gets Candid

We were able to catch up with EDM producer and DJ BMotion to discuss his latest track release under Viper Recordings, how he got into the industry and a bunch more. Ben Williams aka BMotion is a Drum & Bass producer, hailing from Pontypool a small town in Wales. Having first been introduced to music from an early age, Ben began his musical life playing Drums. From here he was introduced to Jazz via his father, a pianist, and began playing live shows in and around South Wales. At around age 11, Ben also started to learn to play the Guitar, again studying Jazz, soul funk and anything else he could discover.

Check out our interview with him below.

How did you first get into producing?

In college – one of our classes was on using logic pro, and I was hooked from that very first lesson!  Coming from a drumming background I loved being able to create anything I could think of just using a computer.

Whose vocals, if you could dream up anyone (in or out of the music industry) would you like to feature on your next track?

If I could travel back in time, I would have loved to work with Billie Holiday. An iconic voice and personality.

More up to date, there’s a guy I don’t know much about but I came across him listening to a band called Vulfpeck.  Antwuan Stanley. You can check him out singing on a track called ‘Wait for the moment’.  Amazing voice!

Your most played song on Spotify “All My Love feat. Jon Lilygreen” has a pretty tropical and slow building beat. Your two new songs Eutopia and Release Valve seem to explore a more intense breakdown. Is this an intentional move away from the slower techno?

Not necessarily intentional, but my last two releases have definitely been more focussed on the Dance floor side of things. I like to keep things varied as well, so it’s nice to go from the darker heavier stuff back to the lighter things such as All My Love.

What are the top 3 artists BMotion is listening to right now?

Dimension – he has been and continues to smash it.

Jodie Abacus – Away from Drum and Bass, I found this guy whilst searching for new music. I love his tunes and sometimes-wacky lyrics.

Mat Zo – only recently got into this guy, but some of his stuff is nuts and I love it! 

You used to play the drums and later guitar. Your Dad was also big into music, playing piano and heavily rooted in Jazz. How would you say this past shaped what you like to produce nowadays?

It’s made me not afraid to try things a bit differently I would say. I’ve got loads of ideas, that will probably never surface as they are just too strange. I also spent a while teaching myself to make things stand out a bit more, I would make things so subtle no one would ever notice them! I think this must come from years of listening to intricate parts in Jazz.

Do you prefer playing Club Venues or Festivals? Why?

I haven’t played at many festivals so I’d have to say clubs! Maybe I can give a better answer in a few years! I definitely like the sweaty / close environment of a club though.

Do you have a routine when it comes to making music? Is there anything you do to get the creativity going?

I’m not a fan of the technical side at all – so generally when I do make or find a cool interesting sound, that is the main catalyst to forming a new song. I tend to start with the musical elements too, which I think is the opposite to a lot of people who start with beats. Drums pretty much always the last bit for me.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin has said he prefers to work at night when making music. Thebmotion Chainsmokers have recently said they like to work during the day and treat it like a job. When do you like to create?

I create when I can! It varies, some times I just don’t want to go to bed because I have a really cool idea going, and sometimes I can’t wait to get up as I have an amazing idea in my head. The only problem is getting that idea in your head into the real world!

What is your advice for someone who is just starting to break into the Drum and Bass Genre?

Keep working hard! You get out what you put in.

What is the best advice you’ve received in the industry?

The best advice I’ve ever received was from my manager Asad, who said, if you feel like things are all getting a bit crazy and too much. Just stop, breathe, take a look around and start to tackle what’s most important first. When you’re working during the day and trying to make tunes at night, and do gigs and generally live, sometimes things get hectic, so this advice has helped me A LOT !

What is the story behind the name BMotion?

Unfortunately there isn’t one! It’s just something I came up with and has stuck!

Describe your fans in 2 words?

Huggy bears.

Two things you need to have in the studio?

Coffee & more coffee.

What’s next for BMotion?

Working on future releases and getting all things BMotion up and running !

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BMotion gives a big shout to the Viper Recordings crew and anyone supporting my music and the Drum and Bass scene!

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