The feeling of being apart of something amazing is a great feeling.  Each artist has the power to provide that exact feeling. DJ Hardwell gives us that feeling of being apart of something meaningful.


If you haven’t listen to him, now’s the time! DJ Hardwell is one of the most influential DJS in the music industry. Hardwell’s music has impacted thousands of people and his fanbase continues to grow. The sound is a mixture of house and hard style. The mixes enlighten a blissful environment. He does a great job integrating styles old and new.

His sets are one of a eurythmic. Hardwell fans experienced a special set on Saturday. It was great to experience his last the show along side with thousand other fans. Hardwell has 3.8 million followers on Instagram and all of us felt unified. United We Are made us feel apart of the show without physically being there.

 The tour began earlier this year and concluded August 27th. His album consisted of heavy hitting tracks including Young Again, which hit #23 in the Dutch 100.


His headliners included producers such as Funkerman, Kill The Buzz & Dannic. A dollar from each ticket was donated to the United We Are foundation, which he’s associated with. The majority of places he performed sold out.

His set was approximately two hours. The crowd was completely in awe. In the amount of time he played, he covered so many musical escapades. He transitioned from tracks from artists like Galantis, The Weeknd, Darude and many more artists. He cleverly intertwined mixes to relate back to United We Are. Below is the after movie.

When watching the last show, I felt a feeling of revival. This was my first time ever viewing an EDM live stream and it was memorable. United We Are had me wanting more. Did you watch the livestream? Tweet us below your thoughts!

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