Unlimited Free Service to EDM Producers Looking for Acapellas

Unlimited Free Service to EDM Producers Looking for Acapellas

EDM producers are always looking to better their game. Most sites are very difficult to navigate and they limit the downloads you are able to do if you are looking for the perfect topline. Not anymore, Voclr.it has created a free site with unlimited downloads to assist producers in their quest for excellent quality in an easy to use site. 

Here’s what they say:

“Being music producers ourselves we always struggled to find a website which was easy to use and was rich in good quality acapellas, although we searched far and wide we could never find a good source, we ended up using a particular website which wasn’t the easiest to use and became very frustrating, sometimes we would even resort to ripping acapellas from Youtube or Soundcloud. We’re sure you have, or still do feel the same pain!

So we set out to create a hub for good quality acapellas which were easy to find via filters such as; bpm, key and genre. After weeks of development we are finally here! Welcome to www.voclr.it.

All the acapellas on here are free to download and just require you to sign in! but with usability in mind, we made sure you can do it all in 1 click! Enjoy.”

Also make sure to get over to ProducerHub where you can connect with other Producers and DJ’s.