Up & Down With Shiba San at Chicago’s The Mid

Up & Down With Shiba San at Chicago’s The Mid

Having recently wrapped his appearance during Miami Music Week, Shiba San will be paying a little visit to the Windy City. That’s right, the French DJ and producer will be sharing the gift of music at Chicago’s The Mid with support from Zebo and IMJUSTINBRAUN.

Trust us when we say this is one DJ you won’t want to miss. With more than 15 years in the DJ game, Shiba San is behind ‘Okay’ (2014) and ‘Up & Down’ (2016) among many other dance tracks. He started off diving into the world of hip-hop and working with various French rappers and hip-hop artists–not what many would consider a “typical” start for an EDM DJ. Flash forward a decade and some change, and his music now blends many genres to create a sound of his own.

It’ll be a nice mini-homecoming for the Parisian DJ since he kicked off his first North American tour in Chicago back in 2014. Shiba San, we’re welcoming you with open arms and ready to dance into the night!

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Photo courtesy of Shiba San

Comically Unique, Rambunctiously Colorful, Musically Crazed [ My Life is a Never Ending Concert ] – Reporting from the Windy City.