Upcoming Festival Styles for Men to Look Out For

Upcoming Festival Styles for Men to Look Out For

Dressing up for a festival or rave is part of the thrill; it’s a time when everyone can be as extra as possible without being judged. We all know the ladies particularly love picking out styles for the upcoming show, but some new rave lines and styles for men are flipping the script. Here are some upcoming styles for this festival season sure to get the boys out and ready to rage.

Here are some upcoming styles for this festival season sure to get the boys out and ready to rage.

The Elevated Collection

This new collection can be found on many EDM sites and offers wild and eclectic styles for men ranging from trippy to hippy. With eccentric tanks, sweatshirts, tees, pants, and more, this collection has everything you’ll need for your next show. You won’t find styles quite like this anywhere else, and with such a large variety, there is an outfit for every type of raver. The prices range from about $30 for the tees to about $70 for the sweatshirts. You can’t go wrong with a pair of one of their Haze Joggers or Exhale Pullovers.

Amethyst Hour Tank

If the tropical house is more of your vibe, this tank is perfect for you. With moody colors and a design set in paradise, you’ll be ready to party to your favorite tracks. This tank goes for only $32.95 and is printed with “the brightest inks that will never fade.” It is also 100% polyester, so you don’t have to worry about it shrinking. Grab yours while you can!

Emazing Lights Apparel

Emazing Lights offers an array of apparel for men that are perfect for any show. With really unique pieces such as the X-Ray Skeleton Joggers and the Space Vandal Tank, you’re sure to stand out in the crowd with their styles. They also offer LED gloves and other accessories to complete your overall look. Prices for these items range from around $15 for the tanks and $60 for joggers. Not a bad deal for some one-of-a-kind trends!

Into The AM Glow Tanks

Glow in the dark tanks screams rave. Into The AM produces electrifying glow tanks perfect for any EDM event. The best part is they only cost around $17 and charge with the sunlight so they can shine bright once the sun goes down. It’s made of ultra-soft cotton for a cool and comfortable feel for those hot days during any fest.

With these styles, men can get just excited about picking out a cool look for their next show.

Rave on!

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