[WATCH] ‘Utopia’ – Dombresky [Official Music Video]

[WATCH] ‘Utopia’ – Dombresky [Official Music Video]

French producer Dombresky is quickly gaining ground in the world of dance music.

Signed with Tchami‘s label Confession, Dombresky recently shared the official music video for his hot track called “Utopia” that hit the music scene early last fall. The viewer may not expect for the video’s content to be dominated by what appears to be wax figurines, but after watching this several times you’ll quickly realize there’s more than meets the eye.

As the song’s beat picks up, the video’s animations match the rise in tempo and drops. Exploding figurines accompany the song’s bursts of melodies and vocals. Money, love, lust, power and art could be said to be stringing along the video’s theme.

At times money can be seen shooting out of the figurines while during other scenes it’s a bouquet of flowers. Technology also seems to play another focal point for Dombresky when a smartphone can be seen being held by a man as he’s sitting across from a woman at a table. Then there’s a man with an apple in front of him that resembles the iconic surrealistic painting “Son of Man” and seconds later what could be Eve sitting on a giant apple.

The video’s imagery definitely leaves the viewers wondering the symbolism behind Dombresky‘s interpretation of the song. See for yourself, and share what you think Dombresky‘s visual elements mean; especially those red gloves that close out the video. Watch carefully because their on-screen time is so quick you could miss them in the blink of an eye.

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