VIDEO: Illegal Drum ‘N Bass Rave on London Underground

VIDEO: Illegal Drum ‘N Bass Rave on London Underground

I’m American – but after living in England for a year I can definitely vouch for English folk and their love of raves and drum ‘n bass.

The Youtube channel, Trollstation, just uploaded a video less than a day ago containing footage of a spontaneous and illegal drum ‘n bass rave taking place on the London Underground.

Although it looked like a pretty lit little shindig, the rave was busted by police shortly after.

This incident follows another recent illegal underground rave that took place in a sewer in New Castle, UK about a month ago.

Goers had to wade though a decent amount of water where the rave was actually held, and the sewer rave was busted after a few attendees reported their concerns to authorities due to the conditions being uncleanly and dangerous.

English people make me proud.

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