Vivid and Colorful Light it Up Video Remix

Vivid and Colorful Light it Up Video Remix

Major Lazer’s amazing third album, Peace is the Mission, gave us some of the most brilliant songs that would dominate the radio waves to this day. Additionally, the album accompanied the amazing animated television show Major Lazer, providing a soundtrack that intermingled with the show like I’d never imagined. Although I could go on about the entire album, I recently stumbled upon a video remix of one of my favorite tracks that showcases an amazing use of motion capture, and a world of colors I think all EDM fans could appreciate.

The music video, made by the amazing Method Design team, uses motion capture technology to showcase the medium as a highly intricate form of art. You’ll notice the dozens of different dancers throughout the video all showing off unique dance styles and moves within the motion capture suits, but what primarily dominates the screen is still the vibrancy and multiplicity of textures and colors within each dancer’s figure. Between the shading and variety of moves, the entire video remix is a feast for the eyes.

When I really think about the time spent rendering each of those furs or sheen-like coverings and the ridiculous amount of colors, my sense of awe completely activates, and I honestly can’t recall a time I wasn’t mesmerized by the moves and twists of light and dark. The dancer made of sand was by and large my favorite, especially considering the final moment of the dancer’s routine, wherein the sand all falls to the floor accompanying the vibrant horn in the drop. I can only imagine the time and hard work that went into this beautiful creation.

Major Lazer has a big summer still ahead, even though summer may seem too close to over for some already. Between the festivals and a new collaboration with Justin Bieber, I’m sure this won’t be the last time we hear about the stellar artist.

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