[Watch] Washed Out – Get Lost (Single)

[Watch] Washed Out – Get Lost (Single)

One of my all-time favorite artists, Washed Out, has a new album coming out June 30th and the lead single “Get Lost” is already blowing up. Whether you’re just getting into chillwave, or you’re hip enough to know the difference between chill- and vapor-wave respectively, it goes without saying that Washed Out is one of the masters of this mellow genre. “Get Lost” is both representative of this genre and of Washed Out’s unique flow and style.

Get Lost” has a cool lounge, or even rouge, opening. The jazzy vibes work their way in through the synth work and later with the horns, complementing the piano throughout. The synth doesn’t feel as poppy, smoother than silk, and really steady as “Get Lost” goes on. One thing that definitely stands out is the bells. They’re light amid the lower pitches, and contrast nicely, while also seeming to dance on the piano in harmony.

The vocals are what one comes to expect from Washed Out. There’s a level of distortion that brings the quiet ease and relaxing tones in waves, while keeping everything on the same, mellow page. In this, I mean there’s harmony here too, alongside the bells and piano I mentioned before. Everything has an even pace. Everything is kept smooth, even at the end of “Get Lost” when things turn kind of into bebop. That’s where the horns come in too, really ending the song on a rousing note.

Get Lost” is a solid jam all around and leads the way for the new album well. The end of “Get Lost” is a quiet boom amid a distortion that keeps the mystique at bay. The excitement building for Washed Out’s new album is building daily, and with only a week left to wait, I can barely stand still thinking about it. Check out the music video for “Get Lost” below, it’s a gem that reminds one of the eighties, and is done in a very artsy cut-out paper style that really makes me feels like I’m driving through downtown LA.

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