Watch: Alina Barez Released The Official Video For Her Single “Buzzin”

Watch: Alina Barez Released The Official Video For Her Single “Buzzin”

One of the smoothest voices in EDM, Alina Barez, has an epic new song out called “Buzzin.” In the world of mellow, chill style EDM beats, “Buzzin” by Alina Barez is one of a kind. Many elements of “Buzzin” feel downtempo, but also somewhat LoFi, giving it a really even feel start to finish. If you’re looking to just chill out and catch some mellow vibes, “Buzzin” does not disappoint.

The start of “Buzzin” by Alina Barez has a slow wave-like feel to it. The lyricism is very light, optimistic at points, while not overdoing the feels. The background beat and sound effects play off each other nicely, while complementing the vocals as well. The beat is definitely LoFi, and makes a seamless transition to the breakdown. The repetition of “buzzin” in the breakdown has a definitively ethereal feel to it, a kind of ascending vibe accompanying the mellowness of the beat.

“Buzzin” by Alina Barez is very easy to get sucked into. The calming, cool elements of the EDM song would actually probably make it a good choice for a study tune. There’s a lot of lyrical and unique contrast work even beyond the range of the incredibly solid vocals. The use of “ooos” and “woos” is hypnotic throughout “Buzzin” and the smooth style of Alina Barez’s voice is perfectly harmonized.

The sound effects throughout “Buzzin” by Alina Barez remain consistent, and reminiscent of a sort of liquid percussion. The entirety of the track feels wavy, but a calm day on the water wavy. The end is as mellow as the start, keeping that even, mellow pace start to finish. Overall, “Buzzin” by Alina Barez is a superbly well done EDM song by a very talented EDM DJ, and gives off all mellow one could possibly need to chill out.

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