[Watch] DJ Snake Arc de Triomphe (Live Performance) Video

[Watch] DJ Snake Arc de Triomphe (Live Performance) Video

What could be better than performing on top of a famous national monument, overlooking the city of Paris? Absolutely nothing. The truth is, it doesn’t get any better than that. And DJ Snake did exactly that with his Arc de Triomphe (Live Performance)! The beautiful, city lights of Paris shining right below him, enhancing his every move. In this performance, DJ Snake also revealed a new song “A Different Way” which left many in awe!

Arc de Triomphe

DJ Snake’s Arc de Triomphe (Live Performance) video is a compilation of insane drone shots high above Paris, raw moments from DJ Snake and his team, and the intensity that came right before this epic performance. I’m sure we all can agree that this was a pivotal point in his journey and career! This video truly showcases the novelty of this performance.

DJ Snake shared in a Facebook post,

“Paris is my city. My home. It’s the place where I grew up, that taught me life. I am inspired by these streets, a melting pot of so many cultures. I was asked to do this for Paris. To give back to the city that gave me so much. I wanted to present my journey, my music, my new song, in my city. These streets to feel it first. And to all of you who watched at home who have supported me on this journey. To the top of my world. Merci. “

DJ Snake’s transparency is an inspiration to all! This was one incredible performance and you know what’s even more remarkable? The fact that DJ Snake was the first artist to ever perform on the Arc de Triomphe! A performance we’ll never forget.

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DJ Snake’s “A Different Way”

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