[WATCH] FKJ Live at La Fee Electricite, Paris

[WATCH] FKJ Live at La Fee Electricite, Paris

French producer, French Kiwi Juice, aka “FKJ” performed live at Paris Modern Art Museum. Performing right in front of Raoul Dufy’s painting, “La Fee Electricite,” He blessed us with another astonishing performance. A chilling performance, I might add. This Parisian electronic producer incorporates various musical elements in his songs. We get to witness the entire process in this video! From bass guitar, piano and the sweet enduring sounds of the saxophone. He tosses in dreamy electronic sounds to the mix, the result? An incredible-chilling-unimaginable-soul soothing performance. And what better way to do it then right in the middle of an art museum, displaying some of Paris’s most intricate pieces. Sounds like heaven on earth, if you ask me! FKJ Live at La Fée Electricité, Paris

FKJ’s Performance Live at La Fée Electricité, Paris


He brings electronic and groove to a whole different level with his music. The synth, ambient, electronic sound is something FKJ has locked! Although he stays true to his sound, he’s never afraid to branch out, incorporating different sounds and vocals into his music. He has collaborated with artists like Tom Misch, Masego, and (((O))). He, s redefining electronic music, one song at a time.

In this video, versions of  “Vibin’ Out With (((O)))”,  “Canguu” and “Alice” are placed so effortlessly throughout this performance. Smooth transitions followed by synth sounds, creating a sensational atmosphere. His performances are raw, intimate and never fail to move us! Check out his music, and you’ll be bathing in dreamy-ambient-electronic goodness.


Make sure to watch the full performance below to experience the magic yourself!


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