WATCH: FKJ Reveals Live Session Video Of New Groove “My Lucky Star”

WATCH: FKJ Reveals Live Session Video Of New Groove “My Lucky Star”

FKJ has hit us with yet another groovy hit, My Lucky Star.” Recorded in Red Bull Studio in Los Angeles, this video is a treat to watch because the rawness of it all brings us back to the very essence of FKJ’s music. Pomo takes center stage with him on the piano as well as Dany Mc Kinnon on the guitar. All three of these artists executed their sound smoothly. The product of it all? A groovy-Daft-Punk-like-vibin song. Seriously. If FKJ and Daft Punk had a baby, it would be this song.

I was drawn to the rawness of this video and where the energy is taken among all three artists. It truly showcases each individuals talents and how they’ve all found a perfect blend with one another. FKJ incorporates his vocals with a surprising twist but also remains true to his groovy, electro sound throughout. His smooth, groovy loops, paired with rich synth sounds always makes each one of his creations, difficult to forget.

FKJ, also known as french producer, “French Kiwi Juice” began his musical journey with EP, “The Twins” released by French label, “Roche Musique” back in 2012. Then following the single, came the hit “Lying Together” which received an overflow of recognition world wide. The release of his latest  debut album in March of 2017, “French Kiwi Juice” has been the catalyst for major tours all over the world. FKJ has also performed at music festivals including Coachella, Euphoria, CRSSD, and Lightning in a Bottle!

French Kiwi Juice has made such an impact in the world of “French House” and will continue to shape, reform and create new sounds that will test the boundaries of electro.


Here it is. The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Watch FKJ’s live session of  his latest groovy hit, “My Lucky Star” below!





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