[Watch] Giraffage Shares Trippy New Video “Maybes”

[Watch] Giraffage Shares Trippy New Video “Maybes”

The San Francisco producer/DJ, Giraffage, just recently shared his new video with Japanese Breakfast, “Maybes” and it’s something I never expected from a music video!

The music video was directed by Jon Ryan and Ride or Cry, and the video was premiered via 88Rising. Throughout “Maybes”, the video takes you through various snapshot life moments, as if everything you’re seeing is real, while Giraffage himself shows you his signature kaleidoscopic beats and synth-pop that is just so dreamy.

Jon Ryan, the director, had something to say in regards to directing this video.

This is an idea I’ve had in a drawer for a long time and when hearing this song’s lyrics, it just made sense to pair the two. After hearing the lyrics I saw it as an object that has been thrown out that may not get the love it wants until after it’s too late and it’s broken. I’m not sure if thats the same emotional place that the song was written from, but I think thats part of the fun in making music videos. It never has to completely make sense, just be super cool. “ – JON RYAN (DIRECTOR)

Watching “Maybes” was interesting. Throughout the music video, there is an old-school television that just sits there on the side of the road, as people just pass by it. The TV shows various trips of life – random things you wouldn’t normally see, and as pedestrians roll by, they either ignore the TV or destroy it in some way. It was definitely an inspiring perspective that Giraffage used for the video!

Besides the release of “Maybes”, Giraffage is also on tour for his new album Too Real. He is hitting up cities such as Salt Lake City, UT; Seattle, WA; Austin, TX; and more! Buy tickets to see him live here!

Watch “Maybes” down below!

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