Watch Out For Killer Hertz

Watch Out For Killer Hertz

The new and upcoming EDM group Killer Hertz should be on every techno lover’s must listen list. The three Killer Hertz members would describe their music as ‘cinematic dance floor smashers’. The group’s music has a very upbeat, fast pace to it with various techno tones.

Killer Hertz formed less than a year ago. The group members of Killer Hertz met one another from other music projects. One day they decided to get together and create the song ‘Prometheus’. After that, the members decided to keep making more music. Killer Hertz is partnered with the UK label, Viper.

When creating tracks, there is more to it than one would think. Before even starting a track, the members of Killer Hertz must spend a great amount of time on the sound design. The group uses training they previously received to write various parts of the track.

“We use our classical training to write cinematic intro’s, melodies and hooks,” the members of Killer Hertz said. “We then focus on drop writing the bass lines that work on the dance floor.”

The Killer Hertz members would have to consider their first song ‘Prometheus’ their most successful track due to positive feedback and support it receives from various clubs, DJs, and radio stations. The group finds inspiration through performing live because of the feedback they get to see.

“Hearing our tracks on the dance floor and seeing the response to our music inspires us to make more,” the members of Killer Hertz said.

One of Killer Hertz’s latest tracks is the remix for the Matrix and Futurebound single ‘Fire’. The group loved the original song and because of this wanted to remix it in a special way. This track is upbeat and delivers dance floor sounds. The members hopes to take Killer Hertz as far as they possibly can. They currently plan various DJ sets and live shows to perform at, as well as continuing to constantly write new tracks. Killer Hertz can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

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