Watch Krewella Freestyle Rap Announcement of New Music

Watch Krewella Freestyle Rap Announcement of New Music

It’s a known fact females in the edm industry, ok almost every other male dominated industry as well, are largely unappreciated. The Krewella sisters have clawed and fought their way to where they are and they continue to do so, not giving up for anything or anyone. That is why I admire these two very talented artists more than I can express in this article. I’m a sucker for bad a** females (yes this is a female writing this as well) and that is exactly what these two are.

With that said, Yesterday instead of a traditional announcement of new music the sisters did a rap cover of Kanye‘s track “I Love Kanye,” which appeared on his latest album The Life of Pablo.

During the acapella freestyle, Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf changed the words making it their own, rapping about their split from Rain Man and lawsuit to the time deadmau5 accused them of not having their equipment plugged in during one of their sets.

Check it out below

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