Watch Me Rave Apparel Company

Watch Me Rave Apparel Company

The mission of Watch Me Rave is to serve the rave community by giving you the ability to create a following of your own among your fellow ravers. Our passion for this culture drives us to constantly design and develop new ways of offering the most unique and highest quality rave gear. From watches and beyond, we’re here to help you live the lifestyle that we all embrace.

Watch Me Rave Team

Austin Grantham is our lead engineer and web specialist. He has built our e-commerce website from the ground up utilizing his 4 years of experience as a web engineer. He has managed websites making over $65 million a year in revenue while working for where he also learned his management skills leading a team of engineers. He has been in the rave scene for nearly 8 years and thus brings extensive industry specific knowledge to the company.

Gil Hayon is our sales specialist. His natural gift for speaking combined with leadership ability gives him the competencies to lead and manage our entire sales department. While serving our country in the Army as a sniper team leader, he developed the skills we utilize to grow this company exponentially.

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