[Watch] Slow Magic Makes Music in Dining Room

[Watch] Slow Magic Makes Music in Dining Room

I’m sure we all wonder how these artists produce such epic sounds. It’s one thing to see an artist perform live, or even listen to a song through your headphones, but, watching an artist behind the scenes produce while completely in their zone is another! It’s a very intimate moment for both the listener and the artist to witness and experience what goes on behind the scenes. Indie electronica producer, Slow Magic, takes us into his home where his newest album, “Float” was all recorded. This is where we witness a bit of MAGIC. Who needs a recording studio when you can create music in the comfort of your own dining room? Raw, intimate footage, recorded directly from his home! It feels as if your just another friend hanging out at his house!

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, lets talk about this new album “Float” that he recently released. This album is thirteen tracks of pure MAGIC! I’m serious when I say that this album may take your spirit elsewhere! Chill-wavey and undeniably dreamy is how I would describe it! Yes, dreamy, on so many levels! Listen closely to the angelic tones, intense drum beats, electric guitar and violin scattered throughout some of these songs. It’s extremely refreshing and makes for the perfect album to listen to during these slow winter months.

Lets dive into the unknown and enjoy this intimate music session with Slow Magic shall we? Performing live from the comfort of his own home, ladies and gentlemen, the one and only- Slow Magic! 

Witness the MAGIC below!


Slow Magic’s newest album, “Float” below!

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