[Watch] STéLOUSE Releases Video For Latest Single “Shivers N Gold”

[Watch] STéLOUSE Releases Video For Latest Single “Shivers N Gold”

Recently pegged as an artist to watch in 2017 by several outlets, STéLOUSE (pronounced “stay loose”) has entered into the music scene with strong promise. This Denver producer took over the Sirius XM airwaves as well as HypeMachine last year, with a recent signing to Casablanca Records to top off 2016. Finishing out the year with a breakout performance at Snowglobe Music Festival, STéLOUSE is on his way to the top. He recently made another chill-worthy track with singer Mascolo called “Shivers N Gold.” The track’s R&B-inspired and bass-heavy track is one for the books. The music video just came out, and we can’t help but watch it again and again.

The music video for “Shivers N Gold” proves artistic and well thought out. Three dancers take the screen, two painted a shady gray with the final dancer in the middle painted gold. The three move smoothly in a familiar “popping” style of dance, isolating their bodies to the beat. The video showcases their dance moves, as the three move in time, flawlessly coordinating to the heavy beats of the track. The camera adjusts at times during the video, tilting the frame for an added effect that makes heads tilt along with it. The figures move across the screen like statues that have come alive, their metallic body painting shimmering in the low light. The video is simple, yet very entertaining. It stays true to the music, never taking away from the track’s lyrics or meaning, and allows the listener to experience both stimuli at the same time. Check out the video below!

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