[Watch] Toro y Moi – Girl Like You (Single)

[Watch] Toro y Moi – Girl Like You (Single)

This summer has been absolutely rife with new songs and albums alike, including a new single from Toro y Moi entitled “Girl Like You.” The renowned chillwave artist Toro y Moi released “Girl Like You” as the first single from his new album “Boo Boo,” which just came out yesterday. The mellow nature of Toro y Moi can certainly be heard in “Girl Like You” and overall the track is almost hypnotic in how it unfolds.

The start of “Girl Like You” is ethereal, making very effective use of the synth, before shifting focus to the vocals. The focus on vocals is a strength for certain, as they play very smooth and don’t really go off track at all. There’s a quiet calm to the song for sure. Repetition of lyrics like “what’s a guy gotta do” is relatable without being invasive or just plain obnoxious, especially when the down tempo beat grounds that in a more soothing cadence.

The breakdown features a piano primarily, which comes in right at the climax of the lyrical angst, beautifully shifting focus back to the synth and effects. There’s a lot of good use of blip sound effects in “Girl Like You” as well as a thick bass to complement the softer tones. Little bits of the eighties emerge at just the right times, and I assume that’s done purposefully in the song, as well as the music video.

Right as you think “Girl Like You” is about to end, the piano cut and all, that synth comes back with a mellow vengeance. Everything gets spacy those last few moments and I much prefer that to the fade outs I’ve been hearing constantly. Toro y Moi’s “Girl Like You” comes with the chill necessary for a dope summer to truly begin, check out the music video on Youtube today.

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