[WATCH] Tycho “Glider” Video is Beyond Trippy

[WATCH] Tycho “Glider” Video is Beyond Trippy

The ghostly international affiliated, San Francisco based artist –Tycho, has never failed to provide us with fantastic visuals! If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about watching an artist live, it’s that visuals completely enhance the experience! And these visuals are beyond this world!

As an homage to the visionary Russian filmmaker, Andrei Tarkovsky, elements from Tarkovsky’s 1972 film, “Solaris” have been placed so gracefully into these visuals. Incredible animations and baselines that ring in those space odyssey vibes! Electronic fever is what I like to call it! “Glider” has soared, making its’ way to the hearts of all ambient music lovers. Melting melodies and swirling synth sounds, that correlate perfectly together. Tycho’s Video Glider is beyond trippy.

Tycho “Glider” Video is Trippy Beyond Measure

The video begins with hues of blue and red. It looks as if you’re gliding over an ocean or soaring right above misty clouds. The melting melodies slowly makes its’ way in, evoking a light and earthy feeling. Geometric shapes are scattered throughout the frames. Elements of Tarkovsky’s film, “Solaris” finally implemented into these complex scenes. The video suddenly transitions to a view high above the ground. The scene is foggy and feels undeniably uncertain. The fog rises, revealing a small wooden house surrounded by trees. The video continues with short snit bits from “Solaris” which overlaps hues of red and blue, triangular elements and bursts of light. It’s absolutely dreamy! I’ve never realized the importance of an artist’s visuals until watching this video. Let us appreciate all that Tycho is – light, electronic goodness, and a fantastic artist for providing us with these incredible-god-sent visuals.

Close your eyes, bask in Tycho’s electric goodness and soar! Listen to “Epoch” below! Make sure to check out Tycho on SoundCloud and the social links below!

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