[Watch] Why We DJ – Slaves to Rhythm

[Watch] Why We DJ – Slaves to Rhythm

Playing for hundreds or thousands of people, partying every night and touring around the world sounds like a dream (job) right? DJing can have people living most days as if they were your weekend, what fun! Well, DJing isn’t all fun and games, and that’s what “Why We DJ – Slaves to Rhythm,” a mini documentary, aims to shed light on what happens in between shows, all the travel and even to when a DJ finally returns to their hotel sitting alone in their room.

“Why We DJ – Slaves to Rhythm” gives an honest look at the life of a DJ from the DJ booth to their hotel room, and how their line of work behind the decks can create an addictive energy cycle. The compelling 40 minute mini documentary also features interviews from artist managers, tour managers, psychologists, music industry professionals and DJs including Carl Cox, Luciano, Seth Troxler, Erick Morillo, B.Traits, Ben Pearce and Pete Tong MBE.

Be aware that more often than not DJs are running on little to no sleep (probably not in the comfort of their own bed), live their life in the darkness of clubs, are under pressure from various people within the music industry and hardly have time to themselves because they’re constantly surrounded by crowds.  So as much as you may want to capture that Instagrammable selfie or judge their set, take a moment to realize that they’re human too, and their job, just as any, can also be tiring.

“Why We DJ – Slaves to Rhythm” shows the humane side of DJing and that sometimes it requires DJs to deliver parts of themselves sometimes they have already expended that can unfortunately lead them to other habits. Check it out for yourself, and feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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