[Watch] ZHU Releases Video For “Waters of Monaco (Adidas China Pure Edit)”

[Watch] ZHU Releases Video For “Waters of Monaco (Adidas China Pure Edit)”

House producer and singer, ZHU, recently released “Waters of Monaco” video! It is evident that it’s an “Adidas China Pure Edit” with the Adidas brand plastered at every corner! The video is quite cinematic. Futuristic, I would say. Cool tones, beaming lights, white walls, and incredible transitions. It makes for an insane fashion video! “Waters of Monaco” is dreamy, rich in electronic sounds, and screams to all who love future house music. ZHU is notorious for remaining anonymous and allows his music to speak for itself–It definitely has in most recent years! In this video, we finally get little glimpses of him in each scene. The mysterious “shadow in the night” is finally revealed! But, we aren’t able to see his full face so I guess the mystery lives on. Who is ZHU? Perhaps, we’ll never know.


Watch “Waters of Monaco (Adidas China Pure Edit)” below!



Listen to ZHU’s recent EP below!

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