Wax Motif Is Back At It Again With His New EP

Wax Motif Is Back At It Again With His New EP

The Australian producer, Wax Motif, just released his new EP Forsaken, which provides the best UK bass sound you could ever imagine!

Forsaken includes two tracks – the first track is the title itself “Forsaken”, and the second one “Mental”. Let’s talk about “Forsaken” first. The first track of the EP dives into this pulsating rhythm that makes you wanna groove. The vocals within the tune are also mesmerizing, making you feel like you’re living a dream.

Diving into the second track, “Mental”, this tune features Brazilian producer, Ricci, which takes you on a deeper bass journey. This is influenced by the G House genre that Wax Motif, himself, made popular in today’s EDM culture. You gotta love the deep bass!

Forsaken is the second release on Night Bass, with the first hit being Motif’s own remix of AC Slater and Chris Lorenzo‘s “Fly Kicks”. Besides this banger of a remix, he’s also remixed for well-known artists such as YGDeadmau5Ty Dolla Sign, and more!

If you’re still unfamiliar with this Australian prodigy, Wax Motif is one of the most prominent producers in today’s electronic music world. His influences range from R&B to disco, and of course, that UK bass, which has made himself feel at home when creating his music. Before creating his own Night Bass label, he was featured on many artists’ labels, such as Diplo‘s Mad DecentA-Trak‘s Fool’s Gold, Steve Aoki‘s Dim Mak Records, and more! From chart-topping originals to creating the G house sound, this guy is one hell of an artist!

Wax Motif is closing off the year with some tour dates and beginning 2018 with some more shows! It seems like he will be ending 2017 back home in Australia, including cities such as Brisbane and Perth. Adelaide better be ready for him beginning of January!

Listen to Forsaken down below!

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