Ways to See Your Favorite Artist On A Budget

Ways to See Your Favorite Artist On A Budget

I love attending music festivals but lets face it festivals can be very expensive and costly. What is a girl to do when your on a budget? Start a go fund me page and ask everyone to donate at least a dollar? I was joking about starting a go fund me page . Ask all your friends and family for money or tickets for festivals instead of birthday and holiday gifts .I don’t think that would go over well. You can eat ramen noodle ,and peanut butter sandwiches for the next month and live like a hermit and only drink water. Sitting out is a option . Vowing to attend next year and plan better next year is a choice.

I have complied some tips and suggested that can help you to attend festival and music events and still stay within a budget. Planning in advance is always good. Early release tickets are a lot cheaper and can save you money. Signing up for email alerts is great because it will notify you when tickets go on sale . Setting money aside every week or when you can is a good option. Some events are for a few days and allow you to buy day one, day two, three day tickets. You can always buy a ticket for the day you would like to attend the most.

What is becoming increasingly popular with certain festivals are ambassador programs. If a certain amount of people use your discount code it grants you the ability to get discount tickets or free tickets. Letting your face book or Instagram friends know they can get a discount when they use your discount code is a great option. This can lead to you attending the festival within a budget and not breaking the bank. A new trend with certain phone companies are allowing customers to purchase concerts tickets via them for a discount or early release tickets. A unlikely option is credit card companies to entice new customers has new perks and one of the perks are discount or early release concert tickets. Credit and Debit cards allow customers perks for paying early or on time . The perks are gift cards or money back. I have signed up for credit or debit card with cash back options and save the cash back for festivals. And swiping for that coffee or groceries can go towards your next music festivals.

I would recommend checking and following your favorite artist . A lot of artist will post there schedule and I have attended Club or small events to see my favorite artist and did not have to break the bank. I had a great time. If you want to go but didn’t plan in advance attending after parties is a great option. I have attended after parties and had a chance to see my favorite artist play another set . I have seen two artist on the same stage and it was an amazing opportunity. Some artist have posted where and if they are playing after the music event. I have also volunteer in exchange for a music event ticket.

Next time you want to attend a music festival or concert and your funds are limited don’t fret . Choosing one of the above options can be a choice to stay in budget and have fun watching your favorite artist.

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