Webster Hall, The End Of An Era With Skrillex and Friends

Webster Hall, The End Of An Era With Skrillex and Friends

The End Of An Era. It made me reminisce. I thought about my life before EDM. It was one of the first venues to make me really come out of my shell. Viewing countless amount of artists there, so many memories held dear. I remember the first time I went to Webster Hall.

It was after EDCNY watching the Magician play. Ever since then, Webster has been my go to. From Bassment Saturdays to events at the main hall, the countless memories bring a smile on my face. The amount of love and support throughout the last days at Webster Hall, let’s just say, you had to be there.

The End Of An Era

For Skrillex’s sold out show, The End Of An Era, he played a four-hour set bringing HeroBust out. Playing alongside with  Boyz NoiseEkali and Deux Twins, the night was something to remember. So many people came out to support our beloved Sonny. So many people came from out-of-state to be a part of Webster Hall last club ceremony. Especially, running until 6am. It was an emotional night for everyone, especially since Skrillex won’t be touring for a while. If you weren’t there, you truly missed out.

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I flew from Indiana to New York to see Skrillex. I’ve never been to Webster hall or New York, but I heard that he was playing the last show and that he also isn’t doing any more concerts for a while so I had to be there. I was at the rail in the front the whole time. Skrillex is just such an amazing person. He made this huge speech about loving everybody and not caring where they came from or what they looked like. Just loving that everyone comes together for this music. Emily S.

It wasn’t just Skrillex that marked The End Of An Era, it was the events that led up to it that made the experience bittersweet. The stacked lineup of the closing events such as Datsik, Carnage, Skellism, Riot Ten, Spock, Mark The Beast and Moksi, all of which were a powerful arsenal of final club shows. It wasn’t only a club, it was home to so many people. The last few shows that transpired was something unforgettable.

Webster Hall will be back and strong as ever. In the meantime, here are some things that we will miss about Webster Hall.

Webster Hall From The Artists…

So many people have performed at Webster Hall. Here are some DJ’s that will miss it the most.

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“It’s always sad to see such a legendary venue close its doors, but I know they’ll be back and strong as ever. Webster Hall is one of my favorite places to play in the US and the crowd is one of the best! I think it goes without saying, but it will definitely be missed.” Riot Ten

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“It was such an honor. Webster hall is like home for me and the girls and boys crew is like family.” Mark The Beast


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“The thought of Webster Hall closing is truly saddening. Webster Hall was like my second home. I can’t even tell you how many people I’ve met and ended up becoming friends with just because I saw them at that very spot every weekend. The fact that Webster Hall was the first venue I ever performed live is such a blessing being that I only started DJing the summer of 2016. A year later I was in Webster Hall, one of New York City’s most legendary venues. It was because of that night I gained the confidence to turn my hobby into a business and hopefully one day a career…but until then I’m just working on my craft!” Brian Miastkowski

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“We’re super stoked to play at this legendary venue. its been a dream of ours and we’re honored to be asked to play the closing party.” Skellism

“It was dope to play one of the last shows at Webster Hall.” Peekabū

Our Love For Webster Hall…

This goes out to the people who went to Webster Hall and stayed dedicated to the end.

Webster was home, it was my escape from reality. For a few hours whenever I was able to find the time I lost my self at Webster. I was able to be me with no worries, backlash or stress that comes along with my line of work and my personal life. But I’m happy knowing that every time I went there I lost my soul and broke my neck for hours at a time and nothing else mattered at all. I’m bummed to see it go as we’ve come to know it. But I’m content with all the memories I have and beautiful friends I’ve made. Here’s to hoping that when they reopen they don’t tarnish the legacy and my dream is seeing Illenium close out Webster one night can happen. Daniel San.

There was an overflow of energy. You could feel the excitement from the overcrowded room and the music closed out Webster with a bang. Danny Lang

Tell us what you will miss most about Webster Hall!

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