What Not to Wear: Festival Edition

What Not to Wear: Festival Edition

Dressing a little out of character is okay for a music festival. In fact, it’s quite normal. However, there is a line between looking your fest best and looking like a fool. Here are some things to avoid packing for your next festival.

Fuzzy boots


Alright, yeah they were cute at one point, but they’re not in anymore. However, that’s not why I put them on the list. Honestly, you’d practically die if you wore fuzzy boots to anything but a winter festival–they’re HOT! Not hot as in attractive, but hot as in lower leg sweat for days. Just avoid them. Instead, wear some comfy Adidas or boots that aren’t covered in fur.

Elaborate Headdresses


We’ve all seen some girl on Instagram rocking a cool headdress at a festival. It may look cool, but again, you’ll get heat exhaustion in that sh*t. You don’t want to wear it, I promise. If you want a really cool picture, put it on, snap your pic for the ‘Gram, and take it off. Honestly though, I wouldn’t advise getting one at all because they’re expensive to buy and almost impossible to make. Save your time.

Anything too 60’s


This is Ultra, not Woodstock. As much as we’d all love to have lived in the 60’s, we unfortunately don’t. And if you did, I’m beyond jealous. Leave your hippie wardrobe at home and swap it out for something a little more current. Avoid flare and bell-bottoms at all costs. Save that for Coachella, if anything.

Pick sunglasses or a hat–not both


I constantly see this and don’t understand. Either pick some really cool shades or your favorite hat, but don’t overload us by looking like you’re allergic to the sun. Besides, you’ll most likely miss out on the full light show experiences of eat set with both on, because you’ll practically be simulating complete darkness under all that shade.

Just underwear


You’d be surprised, it happens. It’s one thing to wear a bedazzled bra or bikini top, but please don’t walk around in your underwear. It’s just really extra and no one wants to see that. On the note of underwear though, do remember to bring more than one pair to your next festival, just make sure you have something to wear over them.

Hopefully these tips will help packing for your next fest a little bit easier. Remember, more is more when it comes to festivals, but too much is always too much.

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