Whethan Blows The 801 Crowd Away On His Good Nights Tour

Whethan Blows The 801 Crowd Away On His Good Nights Tour

If I could name any underdog that gave their all for an amazing performance, I would vote for Whethan!

Whethan stopped into Salt Lake City, Utah during his “Good Nights” tour around North America and his set was absolutely stellar. The visuals were spot on, the mood was perfect for the crowd, the sounds were spooky – basically, the vibe couldn’t get much better. Especially since Halloween is just coming around the corner, I could guess the theme that was put on definitely had some trippy and spooky beats that fit right in with all of the artists.

There were two names that are currently touring with Whethan, including Opia and Bearson and I could say that they were the perfect artists to open up for the trippy-trap artist. Opia is an indie-electronic group that brings EDM and rock together to create incredible tracks. They set the mood when they had their guitars set up to stage the look of a rock concert, when in reality, it was just your average, EDM concert. After listening to their set, I feel like more DJ’s and producers should put on more sets like this

Coming from Oslo, Norway, Bearson took over the beats for the next opener and I immediately felt like I was in heaven – that says something because Whethan wasn’t even on yet! Bearson‘s set reminded me of a Flume-like beat that made me feel like I was in another universe. I can easily say that he was the perfect pregame for what was about to come next in the night. 


Shortly after, Whethan finally took the stage and he took me by surprise. When listening to his music, I was only expecting for him to play his bangers, including “Savage” and “Good Nights” – but I was honestly amazed when he played my favorites from him! Throughout his set, he threw down one of my throwbacks, including his remix of Louis the Child‘s “It’s Strange” and “10 Victoria Secret Models”, by MAX. When he threw those tracks down, I was in a trance remembering the memories that I was living when I first heard those songs. Also, his visuals during his set were spot on and I don’t think anything else would’ve topped it. He also played some remixes from Medasin and other similar artists that made me fall in love… and before you ask, yes, he saved “Savage” until the very end of his set to get the crowd pumped up!

Whethan is a new go-to artist on my playlist and I would say a 10/10 to see him live again! He needs to be a top-notch producer because, in my own world, he would be a perfect major headliner for a future trap festival. We may have a new Flume!

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