Why Countdown Is The Ultimate Festival To Ring In The New Year

Why Countdown Is The Ultimate Festival To Ring In The New Year

You know those moments where everything is intact? Your body glows in goosebumps not just because of the cold weather outside, but the splendid vibes wandering around the crowd? The feeling where you are exactly where you’re supposed to be? And you are the happiest you can be during those moments?

Those were my vibes all weekend at Countdown NYE in San Bernardino, California!

Being in the South Bay of Los Angeles, I always have been familiar with the NOS Event Center EDM shows out in the in lands but I never made it out there… until this NYE Weekend, where I encountered the Countdown NYE festival for the first time to ring in the new year. Geez, Louise… I need to tell you all about it because this festival topped all the festivals I have attended in my life!

When I first stepped foot into Countdown, the first thing I noticed was all the lights and decorations shining brightly on the trees! I thought it was the most beautiful aspect I have seen that makes a show so lively. Since I’ve never been in this venue before, another thing I noticed was a lake centering the whole festival and I thought it was such a great touch up for the festival! Even just walking around the NOS Event Center and seeing all the lights glow felt like being in heaven. Insomniac really knows how to light up the crowd, that’s for sure!

There were three different stages this weekend – Resolution (the main stage), Infinity (second stage), and Continium (Bassrush stage). Each stage had a different color and story to it and I absolutely loved that idea. I loved jumping around from the different genres of EDM to explore another adventure within the bass and trap. These stages were somewhat difficult to get to at times because they all looked similar but once I saw what artists were taking over, it wasn’t a problem whatsoever!

Another thing I noticed was Electric Daisy Carnival promoting their first-ever camping package for the festival. They were showing sneak peaks of the different types of tents being provided for this year’s EDC. To break it down, there are three tents to choose from if you want to camp: the first tent provides the open tent open to four people, the second tent provides the open tent plus sleeping equipment so you don’t have to bring your own, and finally, the ultimate tent where it comes with a blow-up mattress with air conditioning! Seeing those tents are encouraging me to go to EDC this year now!

Now, onto the music! I don’t think this year’s Countdown lineup could be any better. From deadmau5 to Zeds Dead to Datsik, this was truly a lineup to remember! The first artist this weekend that I really vibed to was G Jones. I’ve never seen him live before, but his beats really blew me away. His set was just so unique and intriguing than any other cookie-cutter festival DJ set. It was way nice to vibe out to! Flux Pavilion was another artist that blew me out of the water. As a bass fan, I’ve always wanted to see Flux live and it came true this weekend! His synths and beats were on point with the trippy visuals on the stage and it made an incredible set! Another favorite that was one to remember was Zeds Dead and Jauz. I’m not an amateur when it comes to Jauz shows but when you combine him with the ultimate melodic duo, it’s magic! I would have to say that was the one set that could definitely close off the first night of the end of the year.

The next night definitely did not meet my expectations. I lost my group at the end of Diplo‘s set and I couldn’t get back to them until back at the hotel because of the really bad cell service, and I saw artists that I did not expect to vibe out to that much! Sometimes going with the flow is the best way to do a festival! One set that I did not expect to love was Bleep Bloop. His sets were similar to G Jones but it wasn’t your ordinary dubstep – it had some trippy effects and deep bass sounds and it rang the entire crowd. It was an unforgettable opener at the Continium Stage! Another banger that I, of course, headbanged my heart and soul out to was Datsik. Being a basshead, one of my dream artists to see was this ninja God and holy hell – he was FANTASTIC! He blew my expectations away and I can finally say that I’ve seen the ninja himself, live!

However, my absolute favorite set of the weekend was Deadmau5 ringing in 2018 with his house! I’ve always been a personal fan of Kory himself and when I first saw Deadmau5 in the lineup, he was the first reason why I wanted to rage at Countdown! My dream came true and I saw the mau5 closing out 2017 on the Resolution Stage and I just danced the night away with everyone around me. It was a magical moment. Finally, the countdown began and you’re never going to believe what happened. He used a custom voiced Rick & Morty countdown for 2018 in front of the entire stage and it was absolutely phenomenal. I remember I started crying as the last thirty seconds of 2017 were going away, and I think it was because Deadmau5 taught me to just be in the moment. All my life, I’ve had extremely bad anxiety and would always think ahead of the future without an open mind and always thought I had to plan my life out, but at that moment, at 11:59:30, I was just present with everyone around me, and we were all united. It was the best feeling that I’ve ever felt and I would do anything to go back to my very beginning of 2018.

Countdown NYE is the ultimate way to say goodbye to all your worries and fears from the previous year and say hello to a perfectly brand new chapter in your life. If you need a break from reality and all the bullcrap that happens around us in our world, this is the perfect place to let go and live!

Will I see you in 2018?

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