Why Everyone Should Attend At Least One Festival

Why Everyone Should Attend At Least One Festival

I sit here, a day before Thanksgiving and truly have so much to be thankful for. To name a few, I’m thankful for my health, my family, my friends and my job. But beyond that, I’m thankful for music. Today, a group of us booked a hotel for EDC Las Vegas and even though it’s far off into the future, I couldn’t be more excited about the reality of the fact I am going to this festival full of promise.

As I think about going to the festival, it dawned on me that even though there are hundreds of thousands of people who go to festivals, there are also so many people who don’t. The thought of that saddens me because the EDM scene truly changed my life in such a short amount of time. I’ve never met anyone whose gone to a festival who had anything but positive things to say about it! Because of that, I feel as though everyone should attend at least one festival, even if they don’t think it’s up their alley.

I personally have a few friends who have denied coming to shows or festivals, or have just written off the possibility of attending altogether with reasons such as “it’s just not my kind of music” or “I don’t know, I don’t really know how to dance to that music” and “it’s just loud and doesn’t really have much meaning to it.” Obviously the music is a main focus at festivals, but even more than just the music, it’s about the vibes, the atmosphere and the essence of the environment!

Festivals are about positivity, unity, acceptance and overall good vibes. Maybe listening to EDM isn’t your top pick for genres of music, but listening to it online or in your car, although amazing, doesn’t do it justice comparing it to being there live. Being in a crowd of individuals who complement (and compliment) one another is unlike anything else. You genuinely feed off of each others vibrations and can literally FEEL the music. The best part is there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to dance to EDM. You just let go of everything and let your body move to however it reacts to the music. Because of that, you honestly don’t even have to know what the song is, you just move and groove to the beat and of course that inevitable drop! And that’s the thing, too. With EDM you don’t always need lyrics and a story, the music speaks for itself. Yes, it’s loud and in your face, but you don’t have to sing along to get lost in the music. The story is written by you as you just let go and feel it.

In addition to the freedom of dance, festivals are also a safe space for expression. You can just about wear (or not wear) anything you want. It’s a place to wear all that neon you maybe wouldn’t dare where anywhere else. It’s a place to cover yourself in glitter and feel no shame about it whatsoever. At a festival, the more you stand out, the better it is! Feel free to go all out, feel free to express yourself however you see fit, and expect nothing but hugs, high fives, kandi exchanges, good vibes and lots of love!

Even if EDM isn’t your favorite genre of music, do yourself a favor and just attend at least one festival. If nothing else just for a new experience. But who knows, maybe it’ll change your life forever like it’s changed mine and changed so many others. Maybe it’ll be the new thing you’re thankful for.

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