Worthy at Denver’s Club Vinyl (2/25)

Worthy at Denver’s Club Vinyl (2/25)

Anabatic Records labelhead Worthy graced the decks last weekend at Club Vinyl in Denver. Worthy has been in the industry for over a decade and, as one of the original founders of the Dirtybird party, the man knows how to work a crowd.

His 23-date One-on-One tour is not a show to miss, as it features different supporting acts in each city who were handpicked by Worthy. Denver’s stop featured Thugfucker, the house-centric duo who definitely share Worthy‘s passion for partying.


Worthy‘s eclectic set of house sounds couples perfectly with his excellent mixing skills. House music relies heavily on repetition, but Worthy was able to break out of a pure four-to-the-floor mentality and creatively combine incoming tracks in an exhilarating way. The crowd was in the palm of his hand the entire set as they reacted favorably to each ebb and flow.

As the set went on, he experimented with some deeper house elements to test the crowd. They couldn’t get enough of it, which launched the last half of his set into some lip-curling beats that pushed the sonic envelope. Club Vinyl‘s intimate space was an ideal spot to catch Worthy sharing his favorite tunes with the dancefloor.

After his fantastic set, we were able to catch up with Worthy in an exclusive Mix 247 EDM interview you can listen to here.


Worthy is wrapping up his One-on-One tour, with only a few stops left, so be sure to grab tickets and see his show before the tour ends. You can find Worthy‘s music here and learn more about the man himself on his website.

Don’t sleep on this tour or good house music, because God knows the world needs more of both.

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