XLive Data & Analytics Summit 2017

XLive Data & Analytics Summit 2017

Mix 247 EDM will be covering the 2017 XLive Data and Analytics Summit taking place on April 4th-5th in Los Angeles. This will be an exciting opportunity to learn about upcoming new features and experiences with EDM festivals and shows.

XLive has been providing resources that has been technologically enhancing concert and festival events for 14 years. It describes itself as, “A community all about cultivating big ideas that create extraordinary live event experience.” Its ultimate goal is to revolutionize the concert and live event experience by transforming and sharing expertise.

Over $1.1 billion dollars in event technology were invested in 2016, which is a significant step into XLive’s goals and future endeavors of creating the ultimate live show experience for fans. XLive has built a credible reputation bringing together some of the industry leaders in the fields of sports, music, films, culinary, beverage and many more brands that are cultivating the live experience.

This Spring at the XLive Data and Analytics Summit, there will be over 40 speakers that will discuss how they are foreseeing and innovating unique, memorable, and life changing experiences at future events. Some of the guest speakers work for multi-million dollar companies or franchises as the event is projected with a $8 billion speaker faculty revenue alone. Some of the companies that will have these representative speakers will be Google, Netflix, New York City Wine and Food Festival, and Warner Bros Records. The XLive Data and Analytics Summit will also have speakers from some of the popular sports franchises in America with representatives from the Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Los Angeles Kings.

Overall, the two day event will have over 175 attendees thirsting for knowledge on how XLive has made innovations for various live shows and events. Attendees will be able to interact, interview, learn and build relationships with presidents, producers, directors, and managers from all the various companies.

XLIVE 2017 Data & Analytics Summit

Mix 247 EDM is ecstatic to learn about the technological future for EDM festivals and events. Check out more information on the XLive Data and Analytics Summit here.

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